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Thank you Muhammad for sharing this nice story.

Anyone familiar with modern political history finds it hard to believe, but it happens to be a fact. Not only that there is a vast cultural overlap between the two religions, more significantly, theologically, Judaism and Islam happen to be the two closest religions. Historically, the two peoples have had their best time together and lived in peace and in the spirit of cooperation for long stretches of time.  Even when the Jews were persecuted in all Christian lands as “God killers” and “social parasites”, Muslims embraced them as the respected “people of the book”.

This story is only but a small testament to the veracity of that brotherly relationship. One can only hope and pray that the contemporary nasty fight between the two Semitic cousins, over a piece of real-estate, could be resolved amicably, though the current attitudes do not seem to be heading in that direction.


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